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Persistent Rumours That Just Won’t Go Away

When Cesc Fabregas moved from Arsenal to Barcelona, nobody was surprised. It was the worst kept secret in football at the time. I follow neither club and yet I still had an in depth opinion on the Spanish midfielder’s return to alma-mata  of sorts. Xavi and Iniesta, amongst other Barça stars, had been making what seemed weekly trips to the press office to tell Cesc to “come home” for a good year before it happened. When it finally happened, I felt relieved to know that I wouldn’t have to be objected to any more “Xavi says Cesc wants out at Emirates” or “Iniesta says Fabregas wants Barcelona move”.

Another persistent rumour, and one that seems much less likely to materialise, is the constant inferring of Kaká’s return to the San Siro. I want it to happen, I am a milanista and have a poster of Kaká adorning my wall, my favourite football video of all time is that amazing goal against Manchester United, I would love nothing more than Kaká to return to Milan… but it isn’t going to happen. The entire reason he left was because Milan couldn’t match the wage offers of Madrid, there is no reason why Kaká would take a pay cut to return - and it would have to be a considerable one, considering the wages of players such as Ibrahmiovic and Robinho. And although Kaká is flawless, handsome, kindhearted and talented, there is a considerable depth at midfielder at the moment, including hat-tricksters Prince Boateng and Nocerino. In short, Kaká is not returning to Milan. Not soon, at least.

Another rumour that seems to have been reborn, and the one that sparked me to write this piece, is the apparent Corinthians move for out-of-favour (to say the least) forward, Carlos Tevez. There was a reported offer of some forty million Euros being floated before the transfer window closed, and now there is a supposed sixteen million offer for the Argentine’s return to the Sau Paulo club, according to Corinthian’s president Andres Sanchez. However, the Brazilian side’s director has other things in mind, claiming that it would not be favourable to upset the apple cart with an unstable player.

Whether it is to Brazil, Spain, Italy or even Russia, Mancini has made it clear he does not want Carlos Tevez, so this “rumour” may talk itself into reality much as the Fabregas story did, and maybe I can hold out hope for a Kaká return to Milan or even a switch to the rossenerri for one of my other favourite players

Thats the thing with rumours, though. You never know which ones are true and which ones are just wasting up print space that could be devoted to the flawless Kaká.