een talks formula one
It wasn’t until after I got back to the hotel and I was in the shower that it dawned on me. I started jumping around and singing “We are the champions”
Alan Jones on what it’s like to win the World Championship

Holy hell why didn’t anyone tell me these existed?

I am gonna blow so much money on these shirts.

This one.

Plus the crane-gate thing that happened. Man, Ferrari fans flipped the hell out about Lewis getting picked up by a crane. It was hilarious.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

Aw jeez Fisi, I was holding up alright till I read this :/

Aw jeez Fisi, I was holding up alright till I read this :/

Its finally sinking in that it is Mark’s last ever GP this weekend.

I remember him being linked with a McLaren and Benetton drive in the 90’s, I remember him flipping in a Merc at Le Mans. I remember his first ever race and the amazing way he fought off Mika Salo to get a fifth place… for Minardi… at Albert Park.

I remember the constant bad luck at Jaguar. Getting great qualification spots only to be destroyed in the race. I remember when he signed for Williams and all the hopes he might finally have a race winning car… only for Williams to go shit. But then he finally got a podium at Monaco… but it was spoilt by the way Williams had given Heidfeld the favourable strategy despite running behind Webber before the stops.
Then he joined Red Bull and I watched team handsome (Webbo and DC, best duo) run amock in the midfield for so long. And when Vettel ran up the back of him when Webber was finally in a position to challenge for the win at Fuji, I was so mad.

And then he finally had a decent car in 2009. And he finally got a race win. And all is right with the world.

Good effort to Vettel to get five in a row.

Last time that happened was Schumi in 2004. Where he eventually did 7 in a row. Still gotta do another five in a row if he wants to beat Ascari’s 60 year old record of 9 in a row.

Also from the 2005 Grand Prix, this incredible pass from Nando round the outside of Schumi into 130R.

Back when it was stupidly hard to overtake in Formula One cars.

Seriously though, top effort by Kimi and Nando to get onto the podium, and holy heck ass shit pants, I’m pretty sure I saw Vettel leave the track during the race, with his car just floating away to another plane of racing driver existence.