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Liverpool FC got in a bit of a tizz over Luis Suarez getting an eight-match ban for racism. It WILL get over it.

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Let me sum up the Suarez case:

Suarez has allegedly said “Negrito” meaning “black person” or “black friend” in Spanish language, a common colloquialism. Liverpool FC have said “Luis himself is of a mixed race background as his grandfather was black” and “he has played with black players … many whom became good friends” as a means to say that, by default, he can’t be racist. Lets get this shit straight: you say something racist, you are racist.

Lets compare it to, say, someone of mixed race who appears white, like Blake Griffin for example. Now if Blake Griffin is amongst his teammates and says to one of them “you can’t beat me, my n****r” in a playful mood while laughing, then it is okay and it isn’t racist, right? But if he said to, say, Kevin Garnett or Dwight Howard during a game “you can’t beat me, you n****r” in an antagonising way then it isn’t okay and it is racist.

This is effectively what Suarez is alleged to have done.

Coffee is Instant. Success is Not.


By Azeem Banatwalla

Andre Villas-Boas’s visage has leapt across many extremes over the last month and a half. From quiet confidence to near-childish defiance, and more recently, after falling at home to Arsenal and Liverpool, a mix of anger and worry.

Football fans can be fickle in an almost cruel way when it comes to club managers. It comes with the territory. If a club isn’t doing well, it’s assumed that the man at the helm is at fault. “Get out the axe, let’s have his head!”, they scream. The footballing equivalent of that barbaric scene in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. But hold on a minute, won’t you? 

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The only thing that comes to mind to add to this article, for me, is that entire situation regarding the firing of Ancelotti. He dragged the team up from an awful first half of the season to a position to challenge a very strong Man U side for the title - and still got fired even though he had won titles in the past!

Andre Villas-Boas is a talented young manager but being given a squad of ageing superstars past their prime, a lack of youth development and an expectation to win everything is hardly the easiest situation. I understand why Abramovic would fire Villas-Boas, but I certainly wouldn’t agree with it.