een talks formula one

Compare the composure Romain had fighting Webber today to the same bloke who was all over the place last season. Or even earlier in this season. He has progressed zounds as a driver.

Good effort to Vettel to get five in a row.

Last time that happened was Schumi in 2004. Where he eventually did 7 in a row. Still gotta do another five in a row if he wants to beat Ascari’s 60 year old record of 9 in a row.

Not to be out-done, Kimi goes and does a top overtake through 130R as well. Top stuff.

Ballsy-ass overtake by Hulk. Good effort mate, inner Alonso stuff there.

Crazy race predictions with little base in reality: Danny Ricciardo wins race due to perfectly time stop and safety car.

Poor Nico, but that was a pretty damn bogus release by merc.

Danny in fourth place


Also from the 2005 Grand Prix, this incredible pass from Nando round the outside of Schumi into 130R.

Back when it was stupidly hard to overtake in Formula One cars.

Remember that time Kimi overtook Fisi on the last lap to win the Japanese Grand Prix after starting like 20th spot or something? That overtake on JB just reminded me of it.