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Seriously though, if the stewards/FIA still give a toss about that “one move and one card width space” rule they brought in then they’d at least be giving Seb Vet a grid penalty or a couple of “penalty points” or whatever bogus system it is called.

It wasn’t until after I got back to the hotel and I was in the shower that it dawned on me. I started jumping around and singing “We are the champions”
Alan Jones on what it’s like to win the World Championship

Holy hell why didn’t anyone tell me these existed?

I am gonna blow so much money on these shirts.

This one.

Plus the crane-gate thing that happened. Man, Ferrari fans flipped the hell out about Lewis getting picked up by a crane. It was hilarious.

Oh dear.

Oh dear.

Aw jeez Fisi, I was holding up alright till I read this :/

Aw jeez Fisi, I was holding up alright till I read this :/

Its finally sinking in that it is Mark’s last ever GP this weekend.

I remember him being linked with a McLaren and Benetton drive in the 90’s, I remember him flipping in a Merc at Le Mans. I remember his first ever race and the amazing way he fought off Mika Salo to get a fifth place… for Minardi… at Albert Park.

I remember the constant bad luck at Jaguar. Getting great qualification spots only to be destroyed in the race. I remember when he signed for Williams and all the hopes he might finally have a race winning car… only for Williams to go shit. But then he finally got a podium at Monaco… but it was spoilt by the way Williams had given Heidfeld the favourable strategy despite running behind Webber before the stops.
Then he joined Red Bull and I watched team handsome (Webbo and DC, best duo) run amock in the midfield for so long. And when Vettel ran up the back of him when Webber was finally in a position to challenge for the win at Fuji, I was so mad.

And then he finally had a decent car in 2009. And he finally got a race win. And all is right with the world.

Good effort to Vettel to get five in a row.

Last time that happened was Schumi in 2004. Where he eventually did 7 in a row. Still gotta do another five in a row if he wants to beat Ascari’s 60 year old record of 9 in a row.

Not to be out-done, Kimi goes and does a top overtake through 130R as well. Top stuff.

Ballsy-ass overtake by Hulk. Good effort mate, inner Alonso stuff there.