een talks formula one

I’ve seen a photo of Jules in the car post-crash, his helmet was completely intact, no visible sign of damage to it, but the role bar and intake and entire area behind his head was destroyed. His helmet, and all the changes in driver’s position in the chassis post 1994, have saved his life. Lets hope he pulls through.

Today’s featured article on Wikipedia, the late Tom Pryce.

The one race I miss is the one race that isn’t being rebroadcast later at a more convenient time… is the race that Danny wins! Get in son.

Danny showing off his fine music taste once again 👌


Kimi’s loss is Danny’s gain. Back-to-back podums! Get in son!

Mark Webber has put a curse on Sebastian Vettel. Passing on the luck of the Webbo.

Nico Rosberg did a Michael but a lot more convincingly.

My dying wish is to be able to see Formula One cars go through the swimming pool entrance in the flesh. Greatest site in the F1 calendar, second to none.

I can’t grasp the fact that Sir Jack is actually gone. There is nobody else in the history of Formula One that I looked up to or idolised as much as him. I know he was 88, but it still just feels so surreal.