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The first gif is Albert Park. The second is Hockenheim (I think)


"When I used to drive in the US I used to do doughnuts, everyone would call me a big head for that. All the guys who criticised me then do exactly the same thing now when they win though. They actually used to call it a ‘Zanardi’, not a doughnut." - Alex Do.. Zanardi

Alex Zanardi is the most inspirational person to have raced a car.

Never getting a good gig in F1, he went to America and dominated with Chip-Ganassi winning two titles, before moving over to F1 again but being stuck with one of the worst Williams cars ever made. He went back to Indy cars and lost his legs in a horrific accent.

2 years later, he returned to the circuit and in a modified indycar finished the remaining laps of the race. His pace was so good it surprised even him and inspired him to return to motor racing by joining the BMW touring car team.

He retired from racing, this time by choice, and turned to hand cycling. He won 2 gold and a silver at the 2012 olympics, and 2 gold and a bronze at this year’s world championships.

And just cause he can, he is entering an Ironman Triathlon in October.

It would be completely wrong and arrogant of me to say that this is what I am, an inspiration to others. During the course of my recovery, I bumped into people with amazing stories, far more amazing than mine.”


Jos Verstappen Footwork - Hart 1996


Jos Verstappen Footwork - Hart 1996

Wtf happened with Lewis and Nico? I missed the first 10 laps.

The best part of 2014 is the return of Williams. If they can win a race this season it would be fantastic. Preferably at Brazil, 10 years since their last win.

Footballing fave and Formula One fave

Footballing fave and Formula One fave

^_^ these guys